The Martin Lab

UIowa Links

NMR Facility - Learn about UIowa's NMR instrumentation.

Useful Links

Reference Resolver - finds and opens citations
Web of Science - topic and citation search engine
e-EROS - Encyclopedia of reagents
ACS Directory of Graduate Research (DGRweb) - Search a comprehensive database of chemical research areas and researchers at universities across North America
Wisconsin Organic Division Database - BDEs, nomenclature, etc.
Mayr Reactivity Scales
Photochemistry calculator
In the Pipeline - great blog about chemistry and pharma
RB Woodward - chemistry icon with a sense of humor (8:30)
Chemdraw Magic -Chemdraw tips, tricks, and shortcuts
Evans pKa Table -Extensive collection of pKa's from David Evans' group
Large list of heterocycles
Spectral Database for Organic Compounds
SynArchive - Total synthesis database
Compound Interest - Infographics about the chemistry of everyday life
Top Phamaceutical Products - Poster collections compiled by Jon Njardarson's group at University of Arizona

Academic Ancestery

Vanderwal Group
MacMillan Group
Chemistry Tree
Organic Research Groups in the US